I'll help you onboard your own home business aligned up with a major health and fitness company. Using this platform allows you to support a greater amount of people...ANYWHERE in the USA, Canada, & the U.K.! 

YOU define the pace and we make incremental steps achieving your goals. 

Having a side hustle, extra income stream, or plan B business gives you the time, experience, and success you'll need to eventually have the choice of complete freedom in how you spend your time. 

You don't have to be a fitness expert, social media expert, or even a team developing expert .... I've got you covered! 

I'm proud to have the highest amount of Top Achieving Entreprenurs in Leadership and in Earnings as Coaches with Team Beachbody on my Team Platinum Presenters. Now, it's your turn!

*See Earnings Disclaimer

What Coaching IS:

  • People Focused on Living Healthy & Fit
  • A Coach is someone that uses Beachbody products & shares their experience with others.
  • An Opportunity to help others become their BEST SELF in relationships, profession, & person
  • a P/T home business that allows YOU to control how much time & effort you put into it! 
  • An opportunity to create more control of your TIME each day to do more of what YOU want to do!
  • People who Love to Help Others While They're on their own Fitness Journey
  • Coaching allows you to do the things in life you were always meant to do. Just by doing what you love

What Coaching is NOT:

  • No Need for Cold Calling, Telemarketing, or Hours on the Phone
  • No Old School Marketing or Pushy Sales Techniques
  • No fitness/nutrition expertise or credentials are necessary
  • Not about having a Perfect Body or being in tip top shape. The Fitness Journey is the MOST important part!
  • NOT for people with negative mentalities
  • Coaching does NOT have to be a full-time commitment  


"Being a Coach isn't ONLY about helping people get fit, make an income, or find their tribe of accountability; but it allows someone to DREAM & ACHIEVE more goals, success, & a life that makes their HEART Happy! 

You can live out your purpose, create success, confidence, and growth in something that is your OWN! Just by doing what you love on your own time, at your own pace, and without limits to your impact!"

-Christine Dwyer

Are you that person? 

Do you enjoy helping & inspiring others to live more in positivity, growth, & success?

Click on "I WANT TO KNOW MORE" and I'll email you to share more information 

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After completing the sign up form, please be sure it says that I will be your assigned coach. 

If not, put my coach ID 44051 in the field. On the next page, Choose a "Challenge Pack"

**The fees for joining as a Coach will be waived FREE since you purchased product (Challenge Pack) when you joined!


  • 2008 - Top Coach for June 2008 (1st month as a Coach)
  • 2009 - 1st Coach to achieve 15 Star Diamond for Beachbody
  • 2011 - #2 Top Elite Coach in the Company
  • 2013 - 1st Coach to achieve 15 Star Diamond in a 2nd business center for Beachbody 
  • 8X Top Elite Coach (The Most Consecutive in the Company!)
  • Leadership Award 2011
  • CEO Award 2014
  • Multi-Millionaire Club
  • Coach Advisory Board Member 2010-2011
  • Top Coach Team Rank Advancement 2009, 2010, & 2011
  • Founder of Team Platinum Presenters 2008 with over 200K coaches
  • Founder & Host of Fitness, Business, & Branding Conference: "The Platinum Edge" (ThePlatinumEdge.com
  • Podcast Host: The Platinum Edge Podcast 
  • 2014 - American Taekwondo Southern USA District Champion- Color Belt: Traditional Forms
  • 2015 - American Taekwondo Southern USA District Champion- Color Belt: Traditional Forms, Sparring, & Combat Weapons  
  • 2016 - American Taekwondo Southern USA District Champion- 1st Degree Black Belt: Traditional Forms & Combat Weapons  
  • 2016 - American Taekwondo World Champion- 1st Degree Black Belt: Traditional Forms 
  • 2017 - American Taekwondo Southern USA District Champion- 1st Degree Black Belt: Traditional Forms & Sparring 

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